African-European Radioastronomy Cooperation

Establishing partnerships on radio astronomy is consistent with the existing cooperation framework between Europe and Africa, which already focuses on fields such as space science and information technology that are closely related to radio astronomy. Radio astronomy projects can contribute to addressing the economic and societal challenges that both European and African countries will have to face in their near future.

On the European side, radio astronomy partnerships with Africa can expand opportunities for the scientific community, at the same time creating a vast range of business opportunities and competitive advantages for European industry.  Radio astronomy facilities are first and foremost huge innovation and entrepreneurial efforts, which can give European industry access to relevant intellectual property and to a market with huge growth prospects, possibly the most promising market worldwide with respect to ICT. On the African side, expanding radio astronomy initiatives can give a durable and effective contribution to the area’s human, social and economic development, and to the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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